Zabbia wins in Ponchatoual

March 28, 2012
Zabbia wins in Ponchatoula
[POPNCHATOULA] With 63 percent of Ponchatoula’s votes, Bob Zabbia wins the 2012 election to serve for four more years. Zabbia has been Ponchatoula’s Mayor for three terms. On Mar. 24, it was election time again, poles opening at sunrise and closing at 8 p.m sharp.
Running against James Mcknight , Zabbia sent his people out to show the city he was in it for the long haul. Campaigning for long hours and many nights Lynnette said, “He cares about his community and does everything he can to show it, a very good person.”
At 9 p.m election night, Zabbia got the best news all year, he had won again! Elated about Zabbia’s win, family and friends gathered to celebrate who they believe is one of the best mayor’s Ponchatoula has ever seen. “It was so nice seeing a good person cry tears of joy, I don’t believe it was for the money it’s because he loves his city,” Said Lynnette.
Last fall Zabbia negotiated with government officials to build a brand new Walmart store in his city. “Opening new jobs part time and fulltime will assure more happiness to Ponchatoula,” Said Lynnette.
“Even though it’s only 8 minutes away from the Hammond Walmart it’s nothing like your own!” James said.

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