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People will be scanning the globe for the most alluring travel destinations and most exotic hot spots as Spring Break and graduation quickly approach.

When planning any vacation or travel experience, the first thing to consider is what you most want to get out of the trip. A SoutheasternU Reporter poll of 55 respondents found that the top five things people look for when planning a trip are natural beauty, attractions and excurions, cultural experiences, reasonable pricing, and delicious food.


Out of the 55 individuals included in the poll, 31 percent said natural beauty is the most important aspect of any trip. Southeastern student Casey Peacock has plans to travel with her best friend and 

This is a photo of the Rock of Gibraltar taken by Katie Noonan.

mother to Italy after her graduation in May. “Italy has always been a dream destination for me. The food, the coffee, and the culture are so intriguing. I’ve seen pictures of how truly beautiful Italy is and cannot wait to see it for myself. I plan on taking pictures of everything to try to capture the raw and rich natural beauty so many people have told me about” said Peacock.

Attractions and Excursions

In the same poll, 29 percent of people reported that they are primarily drawn to various tourist attractions and excursions. From music festivals, to deep-sea scuba diving, to world famous hiking trails and everything in between, many participants professed their desire for adventure and excitement when planning any sort of trip.

This is a photo of the Eiffel Tower taken by Katie Noonan.



Sixteen percent of people look for vacation destinations that are saturated with rich and unique cultural identity and experiences. One participant said, “I look for a place where I can disconnect and immerse myself into wherever I’m currently staying as well as enjoy activities that I normally don’t get to do every day”. To many it seems the idea of participating in a culture that seems so far removed from their norm is especially alluring.

This is a photo of the Louvre Museum taken by Katie Noonan.


The price of traveling is often an unfortunate constraint and 13 percent of those who participated in the poll said that the price of a particular destination is the first thing they look at when deciding where to go. The price of airfare, a hotel, a vehicle, food while there, and any other miscellaneous excursions or souvenirs quickly adds up and becomes an impediment of traveling dreams. When planning any sort of trip, it is imperative to make a comprehensive estimate of the cost of the trip to evaluate its viability.


This is a photo of the a macaroon shop in Paris, France taken by Katie Noonan.

The last aspect of a potential travel destination reported in the poll was food. “When I am looking at some places I want to go. I look up Diners Drive-Ins and Dives from Food Network to find where the best restaurants are. Being a bit of a foodie, that’s really important to me” said Southeastern student Tori Hoover. In the SoutheasternU Reporter poll, 11 percent of people said the variety of unique and exotic foods is the ultimate deciding factor when choosing a destination. 

“I’m a foodie, so I like to try new foods from different cultures,” Keturah Green, a Communications professor at Southeastern, said. She is going to the Western Caribbean, which includes Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and Grand Turks in April.

Most Popular Travel Hotspots

This is a photo of a beach in Malaga, Spain taken by Katie Noonan.

The most mentioned scenes included mountains and beaches.  A majority of respondents agree on travel being a doorway for growth and a way for people to learn how other people live. One respondent said, “Every place you visit will be different and although it may be shocking at first, it is best to open yourself up to the culture and soak it in while you have the amazing opportunity.”  Besides discovering the diversity  in the world, traveling also teaches the similarities the world offers as well. Another respondent stressed how important it is to realize that smiles are international and no matter what culture is experienced, there is always the realization that everyone is equal in the things that make us human.

Out of the 55 responses the majority sought to use travel as an opportunity to experience something less familiar in a way that promotes self-development and diversity.

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