Young producer is making waves to be a future game designer

      On the fast track to becoming the next game designer and record producer, 13-year-old Dontrell Mitchel is no stranger to the industry. Although music production and game design are two different focuses, Dontrell can easily help connect the two. Being a producer at a young age is something that came natural to young Mitchel who is a New Orleans native.


Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: Graphic Designer

  •  Q: How does music tie into Game Design?

Dontrell working on gaming.

grounds of game to make the game noticeable such as Mario Bros. games. A: Music can be used in the back


  •  Q: Why did you choose music?

A: I chose music because not only is i
t awesome but, it’s a way I can express my feelings.

  •  Q: What or Who do you compare your skills to?

A: I don’t compare my skills to anything because nobody is like me, therefore no one can match the skills I have.

  •  Q: Where do you see yourself in the future?

A: I can see myself running a well organized gaming company.

  •  Q: What steps are you taking to achieve that goal?

A: I am staying focused in school and working on my music sk-ills and getting to know my way around studios to help prepare for the future.

  • IMG_8295

               Dontrell operating gaming creator.

     Q: Are you excited about your upcoming audition at NOCCA?

A: Of course, Auditioning for this is giving me a chance at working up to accomplishing some of my goals. This audition will put me one step closer in perusing my passion.

  • Q: What level are you trying to make it to, in the industry?

A: I wish to be in the position to that I will always be able to take care of my family

  •  Q: Once you are accomplishing and can take care of your family, what’s next?

A: I will keep working and pushing myself harder because this is something I will always love doing no matter what.

Although he is looking forward to his upcoming audition, the young producer and game designer is still a normal teenager. He enjoys “playing video games, texting friends and spending time with family. With a lot on his plate Dontrell insists that he is ready for what the future holds.

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