Writing a Good Resume

Writing an imposing resume is the first step to getting closer to the working world.  Impressing the employer should be the objective and the best way to get this done is to draw their attention with a professionally written and content-heavy resume, being mindful of using experience that you have acquired up until that point. Companies will be looking for the right qualifications and an employee who is unique compared to the rest. It is important to appeal specifically to the position preferred, but do not limit yourself to only that position. Sometimes you may have to start somewhere small, and work your way up. A resume should contain everything a business would want to hear about an applicant, this means, refrain from useless information. If a resume has information that an employer will not find beneficial then consider it wasted space. Unfortunately, companies will not give exceptions to those who can proficiently juggle, as entertaining as it may be.

The basics of a resume should include education and previous job experience. Dropping out of college is not recommended unless the applicant has hopes of owning a successful social media platform. Previous job experience should be detailed and worth listing. Influence the employer’s view on a previous job. Instead of mentioning how serving coffee or scooping ice cream was a part of the work, an applicant should explain how they learned to be proficient at providing a service vital to the business. Management or leadership positions should also be acknowledged within work experience.

Resumes that are starved of experience means there is nowhere else to go but up. However, it does not hurt to apply with the experience and information that is already available to the applicant. If the position is not attained, applicants should take time to gain more experience, learn more about the field, and do something that will beat the competition. Once the resume seems more viable to the employer, reapplying for the position, if still available, could be worth it.

Ultimately, a strong resume is going to help bring the applicant one step closer to receiving their dream job. However, the resume does not guarantee the job itself. Receiving the job also requires the candidate to be ready to obtain their position. Meaning, if hired be dressed and ready to work that day. Job interviewing is an entirely separate area but can be equally as important to understand.

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