Women’s Lacrosse Club Joins Campus

Members of the Women’s Lacrosse Club have first tabling event

After one year of the women’s lacrosse team has officially become a club sport on campus.

One of the team’s founders kinesiology sophomore Heather Honore explained that the men’s team helped them get off the ground.

“One player specifically, David Zipiazza, he reached out to us via email about a group of girls who had signed up when they did their men’s lacrosse team.”

Since those initial five girls, Honore and team ember Kayla Randall have posted flyers on Instagram and have done one interest table so far and are now up to 28 girls in the club. Honore describes the impact of starting this club on campus.

“”It was really important to start this and show people what you can do when you put your mind to it,” said Honore. “Also to reach out to people who are not a part of anything and try to get involved and want to be a part of something this big and growing. So that was mostly the girls that we targeted were girls who are not active on campus and have never played lacrosse and are just interested in seeing how they can basically get more involved on Southeastern’s campus.”

The club fees are $150 and include team gear and travel expenses. This semester, the club is organizing and preparing and will begin competing next spring semester against other university club team such as LSU’s women’s lacrosse. Honore breaks down the process of starting a club sport on the university’s campus.

“To start a club first you have to time for one,” said Honore. “All you need is ten girls. Get a faculty advisor to approve it. And that’s basically all it takes to start clubs or organizations here on campus. At least sports related anyways.”

Honore said it is important for this club to be at Southeastern.

“I think lacrosse is important because it’s a competitive sport and t’s aggressive,” said Honore. “It also is a way to bond with different girls in the same major as you.”





You can follow the teams Instagram account seluwomenslacrosse to stay updated on their events.

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