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Women in Technology hold their first meeting of the year Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  Women in Technology is an organization dedicated to women entering the technology field, who want to build connections and receive resources that would be helpful during their future endeavors. This organization is a place for women to form connections with young women going through the same process as well as branching out to the professional world.

The hope of this organization is to break down the barrier for women to feel welcome in the technology field. The goal is to prove that women are just as competent in technology as men. Their plans are to extend the amount of opportunities in the technology field being offer for women since technology is ever expanding.

With technology being a promising field in job growth, Women in Technology are anticipating to see more women join the technology field. One of the events they host to get more members is working with younger girls. Vice President, Cara Tunstall, spoke of a program they used to show young girls more about the technology industry. The organization met with a group of Girl Scouts to encourage young girls to become a part of the technology industry.

Women in Technology uses a program called Scratch that uses interactive logic systems to give the girls an example of Computer Programming.  This is one of many events held to bring awareness to their organization. Tunstall originally wanted to play classical music but once she saw the want for women in technology she switched to a degree in technology.

“Using 50% of the population as opposed to 100% only leaves room for exponential growth,” says Tunstall. Adding different mindsets can change the way technology progresses.

Grace Chenevert, President of Women in Technology, encourages young women to not be afraid of joining the technology field.  Many women shy away from the field due to extensive and arduous course work. “Once I decided to try, I realized I was capable of a whole lot more than I thought I was,” said Chenevert. Women in Technology hopes to raise the awareness for the need of women in the technology field. The technology industry is not a hard field for women to be in, there is simply a lack of women in the field.  Chenevert encourages women to believe in themselves and realize what they are capable of.

The Southeastern Women in Technology organization is a branch of the Louisiana Women in Technology professional organization that is based in Baton Rouge. The Louisiana Women in Technology branch sends guest speakers to speak on topics such as leadership or shaping your career.  Women in Technology will be holding a meeting every two weeks with an assortment of speakers. It is open to all women in any field of stem. Chenevert hopes that each member can obtain the same knowledge and connections that she has received through this organization.

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Personal:     Interview with Grace Chenevert in Sims Memorial Library, 11 a.m., Sept. 11, North General Pershing St, Hammond LA,  grace.chenevert@selu.edu.
Interview with Cara Tunstall in Sims Memorial Library, 11 a.m, Sept. 11, Mandeville, LA, cara.tunstall@selu.edu.



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