Got the Diploma, But No Job

Excitement and terror surround graduation as graduating seniors find themselves ready for a diploma, but not a job. 

Less than 25 percent of graduating students have a career lined up for them after college.

Graduation is quickly approaching, and seniors at Southeastern are filled with mixed emotions. According to a poll conducted by the Daily Caller, in 2016, five out of every six students had absolutely no career prospects from their post-graduate life. 

According to job placement firm Adecco, 60 percent of U.S. college graduates cannot find a full-time job in their chosen profession.

According to Adecco, 60 percent of graduating seniors are predicted to not find a job in their field of study.

“I’m excited to start establishing a career within my field, but at the same time I’m nervous about how difficult it will be to actually find a job in my field,” said graduating senior, Kayla Vera.

Forbes Magazine has even dubbed graduates ages 24 and younger as Generation Jobless. Those graduating find themselves with conflicted feelings, equally exited and terrified to graduate.

“I’m so excited to graduate and be done with classes, but I don’t know what I’ll be doing immediately after graduation. Eventually I plan on doing mission work, but as far as immediately after graduation, I have no idea. It’s kind of terrifying,” said graduating senior, Nora Saltamachia.

Southeastern Louisiana University’s commencement attire.

With the difficult job market, seniors are panicking about the uncertainty of their futures.

It’s a daunting prospect to be thrown into a job market that seems to be rather uninterested. Marisa Rodrigues, a graduating senior from Southeastern, is from California, but plans on staying in Hammond after she graduates. That plan is hinged on the necessity of finding a locally available job.

“I’m really counting on my internship turning into a full-time job once I graduate. If that is not a possibility, I’m really not sure what I’ll do,” said Rodrigues. 

Photo Credit: Southeastern Louisiana University’s Office of Career Services

Post-graduate schooling seems all the more alluring when it means the looming job market can be avoided.

Graduating senior Jamie Dearman, who plans on going to graduate school at Southeastern, said, “Honestly, it’s relieving knowing that I don’t have to find a job right away.” 







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