Why Southeastern NAACP members do not want a black history month

Southeastern’s NAACP does not want a black history month. The organization is instead striving to educate people on civil rights and ensure a society where all individuals have equal rights regardless of race. This education should not have a time frame.

Erica McKnight, a member of the organization, doesn’t understand why black history is limited to one month. McKnight suggests that black history be celebrated throughout the year.
Keturah Green has a different take. Green said, “I’m all for black history month, but my issue is that when Feb. comes everyone wants to embrace black history when in fact they no nothing of black history. It is weird to me that people do not know anything about their ancestors nor are they educated on what we as black people have been through.”

The debate on black history month was sparked after the viewing of a 60 minutes interview between Morgan Freeman and Mike Wallace. During the interview, Freeman said, “My history should not be relegated to a month. Black history is American history. If you want racism to stop, stop talking about it. I’ll stop calling you a white man and you stop calling me a black man.”

The organization is committed not only to educating students on civil rights, but they are also active in community service and fundraisers that they hope reach national levels. Southeastern’s NAACP holds meetings every Tuesday in the Student Union, room 228 at 5 p.m.

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