“Why Are You Nowhere?” steps on the Vonnie Borden Theatre stage

The set for “Why Are You Nowhere?”

Southeastern’s Theatre Program is showing “Why Are You Nowhere?”, written by Ethan Warren, on Feb. 14 – 17 at the Vonnie Borden Theatre. Chad Winters is directing the upcoming play.

“Directing a play is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of obstacles along the way. It’s a collaborative art and we all work together to put on the best show possible,” Chad Winters said. Each academic season, the faculty of the theater program chooses plays from classical theater, modern theater, and original works.

It is Warren’s first full-length play. Southeastern Theatre will perform “Why Are You Nowhere?” for the first time.

The play is about a woman going to live with her family along with her mute daughter and adopted boy. Suddenly, two mysterious strangers appear during a storm and create havoc and tension.

The flier for the play, “Why Are You Nowhere?”

The length of a play’s rehearsal varies. “At Southeastern, the average is 4 to 8 weeks depending on the show. Every play has a deadline and it is up to the director to set a rehearsal schedule and have the play ready for an audience by opening night,” Winters said.

Students can audition for plays at the Vonnie Borden Theatre. They have to present a one to two minute(s) monologue for the tryout. 

Duncan Martin, who plays the adopted boy, prepared for his role by method acting. “It wasn’t my first play, but it’s one of my biggest roles,” he said. “I pulled back past memories of times I was angriest to get to the point where I could put forth all that energy on stage.”

The director and actors work together to bring the characters to life. “A director will spend the majority of his time working with actors to bring it to life by telling a story moment by moment through action and dialogue,” Chad Winters said.



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