Who’s responsible for athletes’ school work, the athlete or the school?

When a student athlete misses a day of class, the Athletic Committee are the people responsible for student athletes school work year around.

The Southeastern Louisiana Athletic Committee Board of Directors website states, (penalties) for student athletes who miss class consist of academic probation or possible termination of their scholarship money/TOPS. The Athletics committee are the ones who coordinate all the students GPA’s, the amount of absences the student has without proper reasoning ,and days missed for events such as games or fundraisers. ¬†

Joseph Morris, a high chair member of the Athletic Committee is in charge of putting together all the meeting for each ¬†sport. It’s early in the school year so this committee is quiet. Though during a busy middle of the school year ,the Athletic Committee keeps days busy by putting together meetings for coaches, teachers and players.

Unlike most committees where it is made up of only teachers and students, this committee is an entirely made up of faculty members. The reasons behind this is because this committee focuses more on very important topics that could affect a student’s/player’s chances of playing in the championship game or playing at all that season. The school finds this committee so important that according to Morris The Athletic Committee is the only committee on campus that reports directly to President Crain. This allows for a judgment to be made as directly and swiftly as possible.



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