Who is Chi Sigma Iota?

Who is Chi Sigma Iota?

Chi Sigma Iota is a national organization dedicated to the members of the graduate Counseling Program. Chi Sigma Iota strives to promote excellence in mental health as well as leadership and networking for its members. Member exclusivity goes a long way for Chi Sigma Iota. As a member of CSI seminars, conventions are a big part of building the connections to ensure employment opportunities after completing the program. CSI is dedicated to helping their clients and furthering their education. Learning is never ending in the Counseling field.

The Chi Sigma Iota Chapter on Southeastern’s campus is known as the Sigma Lamda Upsilon edition which was established in 1991. CSI participates in many activities to promote mental awareness. One of the many things CSI promotes is the University Counseling Center on Southeastern’s campus. The UCC is open to all students and faculty to members. Students and faculty are free to make appointments anytime as well as have family members along for sessions. CSI also has booths at orientation and we stop by classes to give an informational on the programs. CSI holds meetings occasionally throughout the semester. Members pride themselves on high reputation as well as high grades.

One of the many requirements of joining CSI is to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. As well as having completed at least nine credit hours. According to President Josie David she started as a mere undergraduate Biology major until she decided to pursue a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. David found out about the Counseling Program through her undergraduate degree. David says, after completing her undergraduate degree she did not feel secure in the job market so she decided to pursue another avenue in education.

“I looked more into the Counseling Program and saw how involved it was with mental health and helping people. It was everything I wanted to be a part of, so my next logical step was to join the Counseling Program” says David.

Passion is one the many traits in CSI members. CSI members have to advocate for the mission not just in the industry but in government as well. David is currently expected to graduate in May 2016 with a Masters in Counseling Education. David will be followed by President Elect, April Juneau.

Juneau began with a degree in English Secondary Education. Prior to joining CSI, Juneau taught for five years until she had the urge to offer more to her students on a personal level. “We are making ourselves well known. Not necessarily for us but for counseling in general” says Juneau. Both Juneau and David are in pursuit to be school counselors.

“We focus more on a wellness model than a diagnosis model. As far as Chi Sigma Iota one of our huge goals is to advocate for our profession. Especially in politics when people are saying we do not need school counselors. We want to provide opportunities for our members to network and gain the experience so we can advocate for the profession,” says David.

When asked to describe CSI in one word David responded with “community.” David says, “That’s what we strive to be. We strive to create a community for everyone in the Counseling Department and we encourage everyone in the program to join. This helps to form the relationships and networks we are striving for.”

In the upcoming weeks CSI can be found at the Health Fair promoting Counseling and Mental Awareness.

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