What News Do YOU Trust?

A survey conducted on March 27 and published on Facebook, Twitter and a few direct emails to collect data on which news outlet people trust most. The survey contains 80 responses.

A recent hot topic is that President Trump has put news media outlets under fire for, what he refers to as, reporting “fake news.” This survey, without addressing President Trump, tests to see where people get their news and explain why they trust the news source.

The survey reveals what news source people trust most. 1.2 percent of people chose ABC News. 10 percent of people chose CNN. 21.3 percent of people chose Fox News. 18.8 of people chose local news sources. 7.8 percent of people chose unlisted sources.  8.8 percent of people chose to browse their social media feeds for news. 32.5 percent of people chose to review more than one news source.

The survey shows that the more people in this survey do not trust only one source but view multiple sources for their benefit.  

Kenneth McCleary, a sophomore management major, said, “I use more than one news outlet because I feel like getting information from different sources helps solidify the facts instead of just trusting one, maybe slightly untrustworthy outlet.”

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