What is Happening to the Marvel Netflix Universe

by Tyler Guidroz

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe thriving and continuing to dominate the film industry, the marvel Netflix universe is beginning to take a detour. With intertwining shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, fans of the street level heroes were pleased to hear that not only would they be getting solo shows for each character, but a team up show with The Defenders. Hopes were high when the plan was lain out, but now it seems that the Marvel Netflix Universe is slowing down
The year 2015 was probably the best with these shows because it brought the first seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Daredevil took the original Marvel show style and put its own twist on it, while Jessica Jones told a story with deep themes and raw emotion. A year later we get season 2 of Daredevil and season 1 of Luke Cage, both of which shined and started the thinking that the Netflix side of Marvel could turn into the next Marvel Cinematic Universe of the television/streaming side. And then came the under-performing year of 2017 where fans got Iron Fist season 1 and The Defenders. Both shows had their flaws which included underwhelming characters and a lack of character development. Many people were not pleased with the final products. Iron Fist as of March 2018, has a 18% on the movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes.
Of course, not everything can be perfect and with one show basically down the drain, fans were hopeful that The Defenders could redeem the Netflix universe. August 2017 came, and The Defenders was put on a massive pedestal by bringing together all the main characters of each individual show and it even brought back some secondary characters from each show as well. With a slow start and less than exciting ending The Defenders still did not meet the surpass the level of amazing that 2015 brought.
Originality was lacking in the recent shows and seasons and continues to be a problem even with Jessica Jones season 2 which aired on Netflix March 8, 2018. The main complaint about this show was the lack of a true villain that the first season brought with David Tennant’s portrayal as the mind controlling baddie Killgrave. In addition, the newest season appeared to force character development as Trish Walker, played by Rachael Taylor, is given an origin to her “superhero life”.
The Marvel Netflix universe hopes to continue to grow with season 2 of Luke Cage airing in June this year. It is currently unknown when more shows will get new seasons or if The Defenders season 2 will happen, but if it does, these shows must take their time with enhancing the characters that were introduced in the past. A lot of information can be relayed in a 13-episode season where each episode is at or around 45 minutes. The MCU has done this with movies, now only time will tell if Netflix does the same with the street level Avengers.

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