black friday opens the door for early holiday shopping

Every year during the month of November, college students stand in long lines or even camp out for the best Black Friday sales. Some deals may consist of 60 percent off one item or 50 percent off the whole entire store, either way; students get a chance to save big on items that they have always wanted.


Long lines in Walmart for Black Friday deals

For some students, the big day means more to them then just getting great deals. Some use the event as a way to bond with their family.

Dimitri Dauphin, a senior Psychology major, says that Black Friday is a way to have fun with the whole family.

“My family and I attend Black Friday every year and every time we grow a little closer,” he said. “It is like we are on a mission together to get the best deals!”

Senior Ameal Cameron, who majors in Graphic Design says, “Black Friday is definitely a part of my family tradition. After Thanksgiving festivities, we head to Wal-Mart and basically start the festivities over again. It is a really great experience with my family.” He said

Other students like Joshua Dillon, a Junior Accounting major and Chibueze Onyeagusi, a Senior Chemistry major, says that Black Friday means deals, deals and more deals!

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