What Better Way to Go After a Workout?

Protein powder has been a new method when it comes to making muscle gains. Other individuals tend to want to stick to natural meats and veggies, in order to intake protein after a workout. So which route is better for someone making gains?

For years there have been individuals such as athletes, body builders, and even actors who stick to eating natural protein. Even though this may seem to be an effective method, other people have been taking protein powders.

It sounds simple when you think about just putting a powder into a blender for about 30 seconds.Is the better option when trying to increase results?

Gerry Pacitti, who is the Director of strength and conditioning at Southeastern, claims that the result of taking powder protein is the better route. 

“Powder Protein in my opinion helps provide better results in just short time periods. If you stay consistent with your training and making sure you take the right amounts of protein after, then I promise you will reach that goal. To add on to that taking protein is still healthy. If you look at the label behind these protein powders, you will see the different amino acids. So don’t think eating natural protein products is the only healthy option, “ said Pacitti.

According to Pacitti these protein powder will show better results in just a short amount of time. He believes that they are just as healthy as natural products you may eat in the daily.

Looking at what “Precise Nutrition”, had to offer on what they different acids had to do, you can kind of get an idea why Pacitti thinks the way he does about powder proteins.

  • Proteins powders such as, Casei are good when it comes to absorption and will peak at levels in just under 90 minutes.
  • The amino acid called glutamine, helps with blood plasma and a growth Hormones that increases muscle size
  • Leucine is also an amino acid that helps with protein synthesis which helps provide muscle mass

Looking at these different groups of amino acids you can see why some think these a useful and healthier way to working out. 

Michael Spurlock, who is an assistant football coach at Southeastern, is a natural consumer when it comes to workout gains. 

“It’s all about patience with me. I’m not trying to see results the very next with. To me, I think taking protein powders is more of way to kind to get faster results. Some people just take protein without getting a full workout in. Then they take a whole cup of Creatine. Anybody can get big that way, but I don’t want to take risk. You still have to deal with other chemicals these people put inside these powders , “ said Spurlock.

Spurlock seems to be behind the whole natural foods movement. He believes it’s cleaner and, if you truly want results then be patient.

As I said before, what is the truly better route you must take? Do we choose powder proteins or natural ones?

Casein is considered to be a top-notch powder protein when it comes to providing numerous amino acids
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