Wal-Mart’s Dedication in the Bayou

Wal-Mart’s Dedication in the Bayou


Since the first day of operations Wal-Mart’s distribution center located in Robert Louisiana has provided excellent customer service and has had a vital impact on the Tangipahoa community and surrounding area for 10yr strong.


According to the BlS current population survey (Cps), the unemployment rate for Louisiana in August 2011 was 7.2%. With a population of about 4.5million in Louisiana has about 146,673 individuals that are without jobs and Wal-Mart’s distribution center DC 6057 employs over 500 full time associates.


Getting hired at DC 6057 could be the start of a great career for anybody. According to Wal-Mart’s Employee and Student of Southeastern Louisiana University, Kendrick Duncan “I started off working at the DC making $16.50 dollars an hour, two years later I am now making $20. Not to mention I am still a college student and could apply or any manager’s position within the company nationwide.” said Mr. Duncan


Not only ability to offer individuals the start to a great career DC 6057 has their hands in many community projects within the Tangipahoa area.


According to Ms. Beth Grey, Human Resources Manager at DC 6057 validates that DC 6057 has already contributed over 1000 hours of community service with many more to add on before the year comes to an end.


On May 20, 2011 over 160 associates form Wal-Mart’s DC 6057 headed to strawberry’s stadium located on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University to help and show their dedication towards the Special Olympics.


“On my way to the Special Olympics event I thought that maybe 20 associates if that would actually show up, but as I got out my car and seeing all those blue Wal-Mart shirts really amazed me” said dry shipping’s supervisor Lance Jefferson.


The 2011 Special Olympics event was a great success and very special monument for associates of DC 6057.  Lance Jefferson also shared that the turnout was so great that the General Manager of DC 6057 called a special meeting and also held a special cook out to commend every associate who made it their duty to help out at the event.


During the holidays Wal-Mart’s DC 6057 gives back to the community threw their very popular “Adopt an Angle” program.


In the beginning of December DC 6057 sets up a Christmas tree in the middle of the distribution center filled with about 100 ornament angels. These angles with age and gender attached to the back are to be taken by any associate who wants to adopt an angel. once the associate decides he or she wants to adopt an angel they are to sign it out and bring back a gift before December 20th.


According to Melvin Overstreets Southeastern Student/Wal-Mart associate, for over the ten years the “Adopt an Angle” program has donated thousands of toys to the needy within the community. “Every year the program takes place in a matter of days the tree that was once full of angles is empty, and even without an angle many associates still bring gifts just because.” Said Mr. Overstreets.


Other then donating community service hours and hundreds of gifts during the holidays coming from Lance Jefferson “one of the most contributed forms of giving back to the community is threw the Associate Giving Program (AGP)”


Over  80% of associates participate in (AGP) donating money to various charities such as the United Way, American Heart Association, United Negro College Fund and many more , with a dollar for dollar mach by the Wal-Mart Foundation.


For more info about Employment at Wal-Mart’s Distribution Center DC 6057 or to see how DC 6057 could help you and your organization visit www.WalmartStores.com.

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