Voodoo Fest 2012 kicks off

The TBC Brass Band warms up the early Voodoo fest crowd as one of the first bands to play.
Photo by Rande Robinson

New Orleans- Voodoo Fest started off today under beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the low 80’s. Festival goers couldn’t have asked for better weather as they enjoyed the bands and performers at the stages set up around New Orleans’s City Park.


The TBC Brass Band was one of the highlights of the early performances. TBC treated listeners around the Preservation Hall stage to an energetic performance early in the day. They got the crowd’s blood flowing as they played through some familiar local favorites.


Later in the day, local electronica band Big History performed over at Le Carnival stage. This was their first time performing at Voodoo Fest, and after a few early problems with feedback they were able to put together a solid performance for the crowd that had gathered.

Lead Y Luv vocalist and guitar Freddy Janney opens the main stage at Voodoo, Friday afternoon.
Photo by Rande Robinson


The main stage, dubbed Le Ritual, opened up in the late afternoon with Los Angeles based rock outfit Y Luv. They warmed up the main stage and engaged the crowd with some early beach ball antics, while laying down an enjoyable performance.


Alex Vojdani of Infantree jams out on Le Ritual stage during the first day of Voodoo music festival.
Photo by Rande Robinson

Action at Le Ritual continued as another Los Angeles based rock group titled Infantree came to the stage. Their blend of rock is quite unique and hard to describe, but they delivered when they took the stage, getting the crowd ready for the night to come.


Across the festival grounds at Le Plur, the Red Bull sponsored stage that features dub step and rave music, Die Antwoord took over the show as the sun started setting. Their vocalists Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er were all over the stage putting on quite a performance. At one point Ninja grabbed a photographer’s camera and pointed it out toward the crowd, and on several occasions Vi$$er flipped off the raucous crowd to their delight.

Co-front artist Ninja of Die Antwoord tosses a camera back at a photographer during Voodoo.
Photo by Rande Robinson


Back at Le Ritual, the Avett Brothers took to the stage after dark. The brothers delivered a rousing performance to the large crowd that had gathered as they set the stage for night’s final performance by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Scott Avett (left) and Seth Avett (right) play at Friday nights performance of Voodoo music festival.
Photo by Rande Robinson


With day one in the books, this year’s Voodoo Fest is shaping up to be an event that appeals to as diverse an audience as the acts taking the stage.

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