Vacation Relation website introduces travelers from around the world through social networking

Vacation Relation is a website that answers a simple question: Who will be at your vacation? It is designed to help travelers know who will be in the area that they are traveling to. Its tagline reads “Socialize your vacation.”

Travelers can search an upcoming destination and time frame in a database to introduce them to people around the globe that will be there at the same time, according to the website.

“It could be really helpful, especially going to a place you have never been to,” said Jordan Nelson, a sophomore broadcasting major.

“I personally would only use it if I was traveling internationally,” she said. “I feel that it would be a time in which you would want to know people.”

The benefit of the website for students is that it allows travelers to do vacation planning and socializing all from the convenience of a Facebook page. The website makes the point that making another travel community is unnecessary when it can all be associated with your Facebook account. Vacation Relation gives travelers the opportunity to find others that are vacationing with them, according to the website. She said having Vacation Relation go through Facebook is a convenient way of using other forms of social networking.

“You don’t have to worry about another thing and having it on Facebook makes it more accessible,” Nelson said.

The only way to enjoy the total functions of Vacation Relation is to join a vacation listed on the website.

“I think that Vacation Relation could be nice, but it depends on the purpose people use it for,” said Cecil Meeusen, a graduate student with the Survey Research and Methodology Program.

Meeusen will be traveling over spring break.

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