Tyler Tschannen finds his groove in the music industry.

by: Brendan Adams

Tyler Tschannen,  an up-and-coming music producer, is making his sound known around the music industry.

Tyler Tschannen, known professionally as Tyler Klein, is a 20-year-old from Covington, La. who originally started out as a rapper in his senior year of high school. He started making his own rap music and putting it out on SoundCloud. This gathered some recognition, but it ended up not being what he truly wanted to do. Sticking to the rap genre, he began music production instead. Tschannen explains how he made the transition from rapping to producing music.

“ I got into music when I started to make my own rap beats. I quickly realized I liked making beats more than rapping,so I quit rapping and started learning music production”, he said.

His music has evolved even more since starting in music production, as he has transitioned from rap to EDM, now settling into an electronic R&B and Pop Funk sound. He was able to showcase his sound on Oct. 18, 2019, when he performed in New Orleans. He performed his song “ Obscurity”, which he has since put on Spotify to be streamed.

Tschannen’s music has reached other artists as well, leading to him having people sing over his beats. Matt Delcambre, a singer who has worked with him on a song recently, has been impressed at Tschannen’s style when it comes to the structure of his music.

“ I would say Tyler is unique in how he approaches melody as part of the harmony, rather than making a melody stick out too often. He likes to wash his instruments over one another and add lots of non-traditional effects to his music to help reinforce his style”, he said.

The Tampa native has not been on the music scene for a long time, but he is already drawing comparisons to other EDM artists and producers. In terms of style, there is one music producer in particular that he is said to resemble.

Joshua Tschannen, Tyler’s brother who has listened to his music since he first started, says: “ In my opinion, he sounds a lot like Illenium, mainly in the style that both of them share.”

Illenium is a DJ and music producer that is well known for his EDM and club dance music, which is Tschannen’s main type of music. They also have relaxing, melodic sound that are quite similar.

Tyler Klein is currently working on an album, which is set to release later this year.

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