Triplets have different dads

A set of triplets isn’t a common occurrence, but a set that has two different dads is even less common.


Haley Tassin, a sophomore human resource and management major, has one of these types of families. She has an identical twin named Holly from the same dad and a fraternal triplet named Heather from a different dad.


“I knew we had different dads because when we were two years old Holly and I went to stay with my dad but I always wondered why Heather didn’t come with us,” Tassin said. “In elementary school, we even memorized and swapped buses to ride with her back to our mom’s house.”


By a very rare occurrence, Tassin’s mother went through what is called heteropaternal superfecundation where she ovulated twice within a certain window and had eggs fertilized by different males.


“I didn’t really understand what [coming from different fathers] meant until I was older,” Tassin said, “but apparently there is a 72 hour window between the eggs. Holly and I are from the same egg, but Heather is from a different egg.”


Friends of Tassin like freshman human resource and management major Victoria Santana are still in shock about the triplets’ unique situation.


“I saw that Haley had a picture of her twin on her phone so I asked her about it,” Santana said. “but I didn’t realize they had a triplet until later. How cool!”


Another long-time friend, sophomore finance major Ethan Hunt said he was also shocked to find out about Tassin’s unique siblings.


“I was in disbelief when she first told me,” Hunt said. “All I could do was try to understand it because it was something I had never heard of before.”


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