Students participated in last year's pumpkin carving contest hosted by Campus Activities Board

For many, All-Hallows-Day is considered a modern-day that is full of fun and harmless activities. However, many Christians believe that participating in Halloween is a form of involvement in the deeds of evil and darkness.

Jasmine Turner, a mother of three said, “Halloween is a harmless children’s day that should be kept in perspective.”

“I love Halloween and I am a Christian,” said Annabelle Gautier from Hammond. “I just don’t wear customs dealing with the devil.” “I think it’s alright to dress up as a witch as long as you don’t really believe in them.”

A little girl gets candy from Delta Tau Delta last year at Trick or Treat at the Greeks

Most Christians feel very strong about not participating in Halloween. They are concerned that Halloween celebrates paganism, occults, and other practices dealing with cultural phenomena incompatible with their beliefs.

Some consider Halloween to be against Christian faith because of its origin as the pagan “Festival of the Dead”.

“It is a pagan holiday that glorifies witches, demons and devils,” says Brittany Gyles, an Biology major at Southeastern.

“Me and my family think of it as just another day,” said Jessica Wright from Baton Rouge”. We don’t service to other gods. We only do service unto God that is God the Father.”

Some people like to dress up as devils, witched or even their favorite cartoon character to go trick-or-treating, others like to stay home and watch scary movies with their families.

Two pumpkins created by students at last year’s pumpkin carving contest hosted by Campus Activities Board

“I don’t allow my children to dress up or tick-or-treat, but I help them make rice crispy treats and we watch movies just so they won’t feel left out,” said Denis Holiday from Baton Rouge.

Ghosts, ghouls and monster’s aren’t the only things to be afraid of on Halloween. Practicing good safety measures at Halloween is essential in order to prevent pedestrian car accidents.

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