Traveling display commands attention


Photo by Dieadra Haynes

A poster of President Abraham Lincoln greets patrons in the lobby of Southeastern’s Sims Memorial Library. The exhibit “Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War” is open to the public through March 25.

The traveling exhibit “Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War” opened  in the middle of Sims Memorial Library. 


Presented with large displays, the exhibit depicts Abraham Lincoln and memorable moments, during Lincoln’s reign as president during the 1860’s. The exhibit starts in the center of the library and branches to the left in a visual timeline. 

“The structure of how it’s displayed is eye opening, and makes you want to read it,” accounting major Kendricka Williams said.


The exhibit is specifically designed to carry the observer through the display. The structure of the exhibit held as much importance as the message on display. 


“It’s sized to fit in big or small public libraries,” evening reference librarian Herb McGuin said.   


With brochures placed on each side of the library close to the exhibit, it offered students a guideline of the information presented on display. 


“I learned more information than I had previously known bout Abraham Lincoln,” Williams said. “After reading the brochure and displays, I got a better understanding of what Lincoln stood for especially his views on slavery.”


McGuin had some mixed feelings about the exhibit’s intimacy. 


“I thought it would be a little more interactive, but it’s ok” he said. 


The Lincoln exhibit  allowed students from every culture an opportunity to gather information, so they can add to what they already know about our 16th president of the United States.


“The exhibit as a whole offers a lot of information, especially for people like me who are from a different country,” Nepal said.
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