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TOPS Takes No Further Cuts


The TOPS scholarship program avoided taking midyear cuts as the state legislature ended its special session without cutting funding to higher education.

This news comes as a good thing for Southeastern, which has taken over $800 million in higher education cuts over the past nine years. In addition to these cuts, Southeastern students have had to suffer through massive tuition increases that have doubled from the 2010 price of $4,000 to the current price of nearly $8,000.

Dayne Sherman, the Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate president is glad that Southeastern and other state schools avoided midyear cuts. He said, “It is a victory for higher education”. He is glad that the legislature could come to a compromise that helped Southeastern.

While Mr. Sherman is optimistic about the future of TOPS, he says that “the state could very easily take away funding from the program during the next semester when the legislature meets for their regular legislative session on April 10”. He also said that “with the past cuts to the program, students cannot afford to take any more cuts”.

The Faculty Senate has recently passed a joint resolution that will be sent to the state government that will strongly oppose any cuts towards funding for the university or the TOPS program. This resolution seeks to stop the cuts as they have caused the exacerbation of existing difficulties and the decrease of the intellectual climate of Louisiana. The Faculty Senate is working along with the Southeastern Louisiana University Student Government Association to make this resolution possible.

With this resolution, The Faculty Senate hopes to help the students of Southeastern avoid the difficulties of having to find extra money to pay for college.

The Southeastern Faculty Senate will look to keep focusing on ways to help students and the university at their next meeting on April 5 in the University Center.


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