TOPS eligibility extends for U.S. Armed Forces

[BATON ROUGE] – On Wednesday the House voted favorably a bill that will extend the length of time required to claim or maintain a TOPS award for certain students on active duty under certain circumstances.

Rep. Henry Burns said, “We all don’t have the same time table. Sometimes when you graduate out of high school, you enlist into the military, you might start college or drop out and go into the military. What this bill is going to try to do is to ensure that those that have enlisted to serve our country, our heroes, should not be disqualified from taking this benefit of TOPS.”

Rep. Wesley Bishop said, “I spent eight years in the military ,and the military paid for my undergraduate, graduate and law degree. My unit was deployed twice over a four year period. So anything that we can do to help veterans, to help the military, I’m on board.”

The bill is currently pending house final passage.

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