Today’s Student Tomorrow’s Producer

The silver screen is a window of opportunity for Hope Ramirez who single-handedly shot, edited and produced a number of short films as well as directing and editing the film “Das Goat” for Southeastern’s College Night.

Ramirez is a senior majoring in Communication at Southeastern with a passion for film production.  She found joy in film at an early age and along with her creativity she began creating content. She has a unique viewpoint of the way film is created. It is beyond pictures moving quickly on a screen. She has an artistic genius that is noticed by many around her such as her ability to see different angles of her own as well as other productions. She analyzes a production almost as if she is mentally reverse engineering each scene. Her boyfriend Brody Stevens said, “My favorite thing is watching a movie with her and seeing all the gears in her mind twisting and turning as she’s thinking about how the movie was put together piece by piece.” For Ramirez, film it is more like an alternate reality. “The way I see film, getting a movie ticket is not just getting a ticket. It’s like getting a passport to a world that is not your own but to a world that someone created and had envisioned, but not only created, but has put you inside this world. When you sit in a good movie you’re like ‘wow this movie’s great’ but when you sit in a great movie you’re like ‘I’m a part of this world that is incredible.’ I want to be a part of that team that make that content real for someone else” said Ramirez.

Ramirez is very ambitious, driven and artistic. She realized in middle school that she had a passion for production after a school group project where she produced the entire project. “She had a presentation in middle school where she had to make a silent movie, and she was the only one who actually cared. It was in middle school and everyone else couldn’t care less but she took the reins and was like ‘I’ll do the whole thing’ and that’s when she found out she liked film.” said Ramirez’s sister Adelina.

Along with her passion for film Ramirez is also a member of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA). Both Courtney Bruno and Emily Jones had amazing things to say about her leadership abilities, passion, intelligence and kind nature. “I came to know Hope through BEA, I was president at the time and she was very involved in the club. She even helped plan a field trip to a behind the scenes tour at the 13th Gate so we could see the production side of it.” said Courtney Bruno.  “Hope is super unique in that she is what her name means, hopeful. She is always super positive and supportive no matter what.” said Emily Jones.


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