To Infinity and Beyond

[HAMMOND] Marvel’s Avenger’s Infinity War has had the best opening weekend of all time. All over Southeastern campus and throughout the city of Hammond many people are talking about Infinity War. Much of the conversations are geared toward the Mad Titan Thanos, the film’s villain. Marvel worked wonders with this film by bringing together all of the main characters in their universe and putting them up against one of Marvel’s biggest villains, Thanos.

Fans all over the world have been waiting years for this movie, the climax to the film arc started 10 years ago with Iron Man and has built up over the years with each movie that was added to the timeline. With all of the time invested into keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe this was a must see. “We sold so many tickets to Infinity War, a lot of theaters sold out the first day tickets were released,” said Ashley Johnston, an AMC worker.

Among the audience were a mixture of long time comic readers, strictly movie fans, and a few people that were new to the Marvel community. “I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen all the movies leading up to this but I was still able to follow along and it was still an awesome movie,” said Shelby Eisworth.

One thing that really has the public riled up is Marvel’s bold move with the ending. It is unlike any other Marvel movie before it and has left the public stunned. “It hurt me deep down to my soul. The movie was still amazing and the way it ended makes sense, I just wasn’t ready for it nor did I expect it. Marvel really stirred up some feelings with this one,” said Jacob LaBorde, Southeastern student and avid comic reader.

Marvel Studios plans to release Avenger’s 4 next May. For more information on upcoming movies and comics visit


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