The Word Spreads Through Hammond

Angelle Zachery performed at the Outpour concert at Hammond’s Black Heritage Museum on September 11th.

In addition to Zachery, there were also performances by Tremaine Lee Louis, Leonard “The Oracle” Woodard, Alyssa Joseph, Nathan Cockerham and the Victory Ensemble from Quentin, MS.

Some of the performers traveled from as far as Alabama while some came from as close as Amite. All who attended the concert came with the same expectation of an outpour of the spirit of God. “From the opening prayer to the last altar call, no one was left disappointed,” says Domonique Hayes, who attended the concert.

“This event was not for entertainment purposes, but for people to actually come and see God be glorified.”

“Practicing for Show”

Zachery was surprised that the concert drew an older crowd opposed to the younger audience that they originally aimed to attract.

“Outpour was set out to minister to a younger audience, but due to the places it has gone throughout Hammond it made this event draw more towards an older crowd.” But Zachery also added that she still felt that the concert was a success.
“This event was a success because my main goal whenever I perform is to save souls and if people were healed then the event was a success.”

According to Za’hra Dabon, a member of the gospel group “Fullfilled”, “Out pour was definitely too simply be vessels that be broken before God. I believe the spirit compelled the people to reach out to the city of Hammond.”

In addition to the music performances, Zachery gave a small presentation in honor of the victims of 9/11 as well as many other recent disasters with the help of her mother.

“The testimonies from that night were life changing. My mom put together a power point presentation and just honored the survivors, heroes, and just everyone who was affected or had any affiliation with those who had survived 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the travesty of Haiti and the BP Oil Explosion.”

To continue to touch the spiritually restless and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through faith Zachery says, “This event will definitely happen again.”

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