The Three Necessities of Studying

Lions, homework and deadlines, OH MY! In the thick of a semester, students know that time-management is key to having academic success. This doesn’t always come with ease, so making the best of a study session is extremely important. To ensure getting the most out of study time, here are 3 fundamental necessities:

1.The Right Environment

When it comes to studying successfully, the environment can be one of the most important elements. It’s easy to get distracted in any environment, but a peaceful environment is one that fuels focus and helps in retaining information. According to, “Before you start studying find a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. For some people this is a quite cubical in the recesses of the library. For others is in a common area where there is a little background noise.

2. The Mighty Materials

Avoiding breaks while studying ensures getting a lot done, so having all of the materials handy is important. If using a computer, make sure it is charged and ready to go. Some other important elements include: highlighters, a writing pad, pens, sticky notes, all of your notes and any textbooks needed to get the job done. Anything that boosts productivity can be considered an essential study item. During every study session, students should remember to review.

“I think it’s essential that students look over their notes as soon after they take them as possible. What they usually do is not look at them again until they’re studying for a test. By then, they have forgotten a lot and can’t fill in the blanks. Reviewing them a couple of times before they’re actually studying for the test helps move the material from short term memory to long term memory,” says Dr. Carole Madere, a communications professor at Southeastern Louisiana University.

3. Choose your weapon: Music or silence

Some students enjoy listening to music as they study while others prefer complete silence. It’s all about finding the zone. Peace and quiet can be powerful sources of information retention but at the same time so can instrumental or classical music. Spotify has a section of playlists dedicated to studying that comes in useful when its crunch time, check it out!


Having a good environment, all the essential materials, and the right auditory preferences will almost guarantee a very productive study session, no matter how hard the assignment. Keep these in mind when it comes to doing homework and see how fruitful studying can be.


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