The Students of Southeastern React to the New Promise

Southeastern Louisiana University recently announced a promise that will help incoming freshman save money.

On Apr. 18, Southeastern’s President John Crain introduced the Southeastern Promise. All incoming freshmen starting in the summer and fall will receive a freeze on their tuition and fees regardless of the legislative order.

Many students have mixed feelings about the promise and everything it brings with it. The university released the news during spring break while students were off from school. Students coming back from break were not aware of the promise and most students still have yet to hear about the news from the university.

Students hoped to receive the benefits that the incoming 2017-2018 freshman are getting as well.

Athletic trainer student Josh Vicks said that although it is a nice promise, he wonders about the students who have already invested years in Southeastern and struggle financially.

Other students were excited about the promise because it’s a plan to increase enrollment after the Louisiana budget cuts and with TOPS not guaranteeing aid. The plan gives families and students the opportunity to save their money and debt as long as the student remains in good standing and complete at least 30 credit hours a year.

While the promise allows students to save money throughout their time in college, it is also meant for students to earn a degree within four years. The average student spends nearly five years in college.

Students believe that the promise can be beneficial as well as detrimental. Some students believe that with students graduating in four years, the school may receive more money from the government, while others believe that Southeastern may raise their tuition rates with the increase in college graduates.

Crain said that this was the only promise of its kind in the state of Louisiana. Southeastern also allows students to save money is by providing textbook rentals rather than students paying for their textbooks for its full price. The promise is yet another way for Southeastern to help its students and encourage them to save while graduating within four years.

Some students are thrilled to hear the school’s efforts to help its students and its improvements after budget cuts, but other students remain furious that they will not be included in the promise.

Regardless of the different attention that the new promise gives or does not give, it is here to stay for now. More information can be found on


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