The start up of a new and upcoming local festival: Sings and Strings


The 1st Annual Garyville Sings and Strings Festival was initiated for the purpose of raising money in order to restore the iconic Garyville Timbermill Museum to its’ former glory. The premise for this event was a small scale music festival that brought together mostly local musicians, allowing them the opportunity to meet and network with other local musicians like them and play music with each other. The festival took place on Sunday, May 18, 2015, from 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

S&S street view

The set up for the first annual Sings & Strings Festival commencing.

Festival Founder, LSU Freshman Peyton Falgoust said, The idea for the festival came about in December 2014 while we were eating Christmas dinner, and the start up meetings began towards the end of January.”

Falgoust also said,


“Being that there were only three full month to prepare for it, the board hit the ground running. The beginning stages of preparation started with putting all of our ideas on the table and sorting through those that were doable and those that were a little too far fetched, at least for our first run. Once the when and where were decided, musicians, both local and afar, were contacted along with potential donors and sponsors.”


Festival founder Peyton Falgoust (blue shirt) "jamming" with some fellow musicians at the festival.

Festival founder Peyton Falgoust (blue shirt) “jamming” with some fellow musicians at the festival.


Peyton’s mother and Sings and Strings Co-Founder, Donna Falgoust said, “In preparation for the event we began by making sure that we could get permits for the day that we chose to have the necessary streets closed to through traffic. After we received confirmation of the permits, we began to contact our potential musicians and donors by email and/or phone. We then contacted several local vendors and small businesses to allow them the opportunity to bring their products/merchandise to the festival to sell.”

Peyton with his parents, Donna and Armant Falgoust, who helped his to establish the festival.

Peyton with his parents, Donna and Armant Falgoust, who helped his to establish the festival.



A local brother-sister team of graphic designers was contacted to work with the board to come up with a festival logo for fliers, shirts, coozies and guitar picks. Sings and Strings board member, Carl Monica said, “To no one’s surprise, they came up with a wonderful design that was placed on all of our collateral. The logo was on the front of the shirts and on the back , we listed all of our sponsors in font sizes that varied by their level of donation.”

Once the details were confirmed, the board started an invite page on Facebook with the event flier, sent out emails, and brought posters and fliers to local businesses. Donna Falgoust said, “We also used the good old fashioned style of word of mouth to be sure that we got the word out about the event. Though everyone worked really hard, I think that we could have gotten some more participants had we had more time to prepare but the turn out was still great.”

The board also sent out emails and made phone calls to local chefs to invite them to join the cook-out that was to be held at the festival. Monica said, “We had a great turn out of 10-12 cooks and their teams who came out and made so much food that I thought we’d be eating left overs for weeks but to my surprise, we ran out within the first 2 hours of the sale.” Donna Falgoust added, “This led to my husband having to go to Walmart to buy the ingredients to make a Pastalaya because we didn’t want to give people the opportunity to get upset because there was no food.”


Locals tasting and judging that food for the cook-off.

Locals taste testing the food for the cook-off.

Peyton Falgoust said, “Being that this was our first time putting on the event, we had a few hiccups in the process but we have learned from each and every one of them. For the 2nd Annual Sings and Strings Festival, we will provide a larger and more convenient area for parking, have name tags pre-made for the musicians who signed up ahead of time and also have more food than just the cook-off for back up. Our first event was a huge success and I hope the the second will be even better.”

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