The Southeastern Fall 2015 Commencement Ceremony

On Saturday December 12, the Southeastern Louisiana University graduating class of the Fall Semester of 2015 will receive their diplomas. The ceremony, which will be held in the University Center, begins at 10:00 a.m. Communications professor, Dr. Joseph Burns, is one of the announcers at the ceremony.  He advises families and friends coming to see their loved ones graduate, “Get there early, because parking will be difficult.” Since there is reserved seating only for the graduating students, early arrival allows for the best selection of audience seating as well.

Dr.  Burns has announced the names of the graduating students of the Arts and Humanities and General Studies colleges for the last ten years. He says that historically about 1,200 students graduate in the fall semester and that the ceremony typically lasts at least three hours.

According to the Southeastern Louisiana University website, there will be a change in normal traffic flow. University Police Director Harold Todd advises that between 7 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., the section of University Avenue between West Tornado Drive and SGA Drive wil6449_southeastern_louisiana_lions-primary-2003l be restricted. Local traffic will be diverted through campus once the roadway becomes congested.

Those with handicapped placards requiring nearby parking are urged to arrive as early as possible despite University Police plans to increase the designation of additional handicapped parking spaces around the University Center. Those familiar with campus may wish to use the vacant parking spots at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Oak/Greek Village complex. Friends and family who choose to park on campus away from the University Center will find the Southeastern Lion Traxx shuttle buses available both before and after the ceremony.  Audience members who are in need of special transportation assistance are also encouraged to use the shuttle buses.

The 2015 Fall Semester graduation ceremony will be filmed and televised. Rick Settoon, the general manager at the Southeastern Channel explains, “We film to tape with a five-camera setup. We will air it [heavily] on the Southeastern Channel and [copies of the ceremony] will be available on DVD for purchase on our website.”

For more information on this semester’s commencement ceremony, visit: or To purchase a DVD of this year’s commencement when available (or of past years’ ceremonies), visit

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