“The Reconstruction Of Airport Security”

“The Reconstruction of Airport Security”

After the attacks of 9/11 damage was done and terror was brought. Unexpectedly crashing four plains on American soil, the terrorist of 9/11 successfully completed their mission, and immediately changed the United States airport procedures forever.

“Still to this day because of the attacks that happened on 9/11 I am still terrified to get on any airplane. I know things have improved but I am not over it yet.” said Brandon Dillion, a senior of Southeastern Louisiana University.

After the Devastating event American troops went to war while others worked hard rebuilding and cleaning damaged areas. Along with the streets of New York and other hard hit areas, Airport security needed some reconstruction and cleaning of its own. As a result immediately after the terrorist attack new rules were enforced. currently anything such as scissors, razor blades, box cutters, finger nail filers or any other sharp pointed object are banned on all domestic and international flights. To even more protect the Country and fellow Americans TSA “Transportation Security Administration” provides a very strict passenger and baggage screening at all airlines.

“Even though we are doing our best to protect the county as well as the passengers, some people come through the screenings with an attitude. I tried my best to change people’s feelings by telling them this is for your safety and that I wanted them to reach their desired location the same way their leaving.” Said Jamal Salis a seasonal security guard at Louis Armstrong International Airport”

According to TSA After several passenger and baggage screenings hundreds of confiscated items are collated daily all over the United States. TSA also reviled that in 2006 passenger and baggage screenings took in more than 13 million items. These items was then turned over to the state surplus property agencies, and later sold to retailers.

Even though the body and bag checking’s were ridiculous I felt safe said Ms. Jennifer Joseph life skills councilor at Catholic Charities of New Orleans.

These advances in airport security are great to have, but their still not up to date just yet. According to former Homeland Security Department Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin “Improving aviation security means deploying more equipment and technology at airports”

TSA knows this statement is true and currently new technology is being tested. Once everything gets approved new devices such as backwater sensor, which allow screeners to see through passenger’s clothes, along with the explosives trace detection portals, which is designed to sniff out explosives on passengers as they walk through will help ensure the safety of all flying passengers. Although these new devices are in the makings Ervin feels the new Technology isn’t coming soon enough.

Will these new devices along with current protocol be enough to ensure safety?

“No matter how many metal detectors they put up, no matter how many items they banned from the airport, I still feel like disaster could strike any given day at any given time All the new things that’s being done are good, but anything could still happen. for instance if someone really wanted a weapon on a plain they won’t have to look to far a simple item such as a coke can could do some damage.” said Kenrick Duncan a junior of Southeastern Louisiana University.

Unfortunately some civilians still feel the new security reconstruction isn’t enough to put them out of harm’s way.

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