The Office of Student Conduct


Southeastern’s Office of Student Conduct is planned to transition from a departmental group to a student organization. The change will take effect at a later date this fall semester. Student Conduct’s mission is to create safe surroundings for students on campus. FullSizeRender

The Office of Student Conduct is a form of discipline on campus. With the upcoming change of the the new organization, it will become easier to handle discipline because of peer help. When a student is called into the conduct office, their case is read before a board. If a Southeastern student is found guilty of any complaint, they will be given the appropriate consequences. If the person found guilty does not attend Southeastern they will be permanently banned from the campus.

The Office of Student Conduct recently relocated to the first floor of the bookstore. Because of the relocation, issues of confidentiality have been bought up but the office staff is using private rooms to help solve the problem. The department coordinator Antoinette Alack said, “A positive benefit in our move is the positive prevention effect.”  With help from the students of Southeastern and the Student Conduct Office’s new facility, Southeastern is closer to having an even more safer campus.

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