Polygraphs For Law Enforcement Officers

[Baton Rouge, LA] – On April 27 House Bill 96, which asks the question of whether polygraphs should be part of an interrogation when a law enforcement officer is under investigation, was deferred.

Representative Tony Bacala, the author of House Bill 96, said, “I think that polygraphs shouldn’t be part of a law enforcement officer’s interrogation because of the issues that they cause.”  The bill was amended many times during the course of the meeting at the Louisiana state Legislature.

Rep. Tanner D. Magee motioned to amend that the questions for a polygraph be pre-approved by council for the law enforcement officer.  Magee also motioned to amend that the polygraphs would only last one hour.

Even after these amendments, there was still talk of making more changes to the bill.

House Bill 96 was voluntarily deferred so that Amendments made to the bill were well thought out and not rushed.

Rep. Gary M. Carter Jr. said, “Amendments shouldn’t be made on the fly, and that’s why I think we needed to voluntarily defer the bill so that we could make the proper changes at the next meeting.”

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