The Importance of Seating at the Movies

The New Movie-going Experience


The AMC Palace in Hammond recently underwent a renovation that added in several new amenities including an improved concession area, full-service bar, and new seating.


[Hammond, LA] – Seating in movie theatres has drastically changed in the Hammond area.  The new seats in the auditoriums where movies are shown have drastically changed the way people enjoy their movies.  They all include full leather padding, reclining capabilities, and ample space in between aisles.  Of course, with this new seating comes a change in the way people purchase their movie tickets.

The change did not come rapidly.  The theater began the slew of renovations in July of 2017 and did not finish up until November that same year.  While the changes were being made AMC of Hammond supervisor Jeremy Gaines says that half of the place was closed which put a slight dent in the number of available screens.  “We originally thought it would be hectic,” Gaines said regarding how guests would react to the inconvenience of having half a theater open for business.  The renovations also took place at a time where there should be no issues, the summer movie season.  After just a few short months the theatre was back to normal with a new set-up.

Reserved seating has taken over AMC in Hammond and this raises the question if people prefer this method of pre-purchasing tickets before every movie outing, or if they would rather come as they please and find their own seats.  While one method offers the sense of relaxation, the other provides a sense of the quantity of quality.  Both have their pros and cons, but which is the preferred method amongst the people of Hammond.

In a poll conducted 60% of ten respondents say they prefer reserved seating over the first-come-first-serve method of the past.  The other 40% say they prefer the original method of having to pre-purchase tickets far in advance just to get a decent spot.  Although the majority says that reserved seating is the way to go, the renovations do not just affect the public.

Gaines even says he prefers the new method as it allows for him to pick the “best seat in the house.”  Reserved seating offers movie-goers the opportunity to pick the best seating they desire without the fear of arriving late and someone taking the preferred chair.  It also allows for bigger groups of people to plan more accordingly for planned trips as laying out seats for a large group can be difficult in a sea of seats that anyone can swoop in and take and even save.

Now that the pros of reserved seating have been addressed, what makes first-come-first-serve seating so great?  Well, the main reason deals with planning and convenience.  With this method, it is not required to plan out the seating chart and purchase movie tickets days or even weeks ahead of time.  With this seating, spontaneous movie outings are much simpler and do not have to be thoroughly planned beforehand.  Friend groups and even families do not always expect to go see every movie on the day they come out.  With these kinds of seats, it is much easier to go to the show and not worry about being forcibly placed in a bad spot.

AMC of Hammond is not only making their reserved seating more comfortable, they are also creating a more immersive experience with the new AMC Prime feature.  This method of seeing a movie costs a few more dollars, however, in addition to reclining seats, the prime auditorium is equipped with over 30 speakers in every direction and “butt-kickers”.  Every seat in AMC prime comes with rumbles that vibrate and give an audience a more immersive feeling when watching a movie.  Gaines says, “it is best enjoyed with action movies”.

Comfort is an important factor when sitting in a dark auditorium for two and a half hours and AMC has the people of Hammond covered.  Whether it’s ease of mind by pre-purchasing tickets and seats, offering excellent relaxation with reclining seats, or immersing an audience by bringing the feel of a movie into the auditorium with rumbles.  Gaines says, “AMC is the biggest movie chain in the world” and the new reserved seating is part of the future in which audiences will enjoy being thrust into the world of film.




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