The Importance of Networking

Networking is an important aspect in helping you put yourself out in the world. Meeting people, doing work for them, or even showing them works of your own allow them to know who you are. As a Communication Major I realize networking is important for my career because the right recommendation from the right person can land me an internship or a job in my preferred field. The more people who know you and what you are capable of producing can only help you. You may ask how can I network in college? Well start with teachers in your major. More than likely they already have experience in the field you want to pursue and they will have connections which can help get your foot in the door.

Another reason for you to network is to learn what else your interested field may have. In college you may have an idea of what you want to do but through networking with teachers and people in your field of study, you may learn of other opportunities and different markets you may not have known about. One of those markets may also help you achieve your greater goal by gaining experience in it and using it as a key to what you want to do.

When networking you always have to keep in mind you want people to say “I know someone who can…” and it be about you. The more people you connect with who can tell others this phrase, you will have an advantage in the job world because people will know you can do something by word of mouth vs a sheet of paper.
Networking may not come easy the first time or maybe even first few times you try, but continue to communicate with complete strangers, because you never know who you may need in the near future. While this may be discouraging for you, take your mistakes and improve them. Networking can help your communication skills by learning how and what to say to someone for maximum impact. Learning from this also helps you learn how to get your main point or message across the best way possible.

Let’s say an executive of a particular company is looking for someone from your major to hire. Networking through your teachers or an internship, the executive of said company may just put your name at the top of their list. Which in turn gives you a little advantage when you apply for the job. Now networking doesn’t mean you can ignore looking for experience through internships, jobs or even projects. You have to be willing to get to know your teachers and put yourself out in your field of study. Recommendations from the right people can gravely benefit you and give you enough of an edge over others who want the same job.
Networking can only help you, besides you never know who may be trying to hire you based on what they’ve heard. The person hiring might be the best friend of your college professor and because of your networking skills your teacher tells them about you. Next thing you know you’re hired or considered for the job someone else may have gotten.

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