“The Greatest Showman” Plays at Southeastern

The movie, “The Greatest Showman,” played for Southeastern students last Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Union Theater.

CAB puts on a movie every month for students. The movie plays for a consecutive two days, and each day, there are two showings in the evening. This gives students more opportunities to make it to a showing.

To prepare for the movie, CAB first has to buy the movie rights and have the movie shipped in, which costs about $1,000. Katlyn Daigle, CAB’s vice president of membership, said not much else goes into hosting the movies except getting there 30 minutes early to pop popcorn. Daigle further explained if they’re showing a movie outside, then more preparation is needed for things such as setting up the screen, but in the Student Union Theater, none of that is necessary.

Daigle said that normally 100 students attend a movie showing, but if the movie is popular or a blockbuster, more students show up.

CAB leaves the movie picking up to the students. Daigle said they give students four movie options to vote from, and they use mainly Twitter to advertise the poll.

Southeastern student John Aiddet has been to the movie nights three times. He said he enjoys going because the movies are current and always something he wants to see. He also said that he likes to take advantage of the free admission.

Another student Hannah Tribou said that the movies give her a nice break.

“It’s nice to have a break during the week and come see a movie, especially if you’re having a stressful week,” Tribou said, “It’s also super convenient.”

For future movie nights, Daigle said they hope to make it a bigger event with week-long promotions. Daigle said to do this, they would cut back on some of the other events during that week to advertise the movie in a student engaging way.

The next movie that CAB will show is “Jumanji” on April 24 and 25.

The poster for “The Greatest Showman” is advertised in the Student Union to excite musical lovers.


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