The Essence of Southeastern Spirit


Paige Hall has been an influential member of the Southeastern Spirit Program since her
induction as the Spirit Coordinator in early 2007. The Spirit Coordinator oversees key facets of the spirit program.

Currently Mrs. Hall is the coach for the Lionettes, Southeastern’s Dance team, the Administrative Assistant for the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band, and the sponsor for the Southeastern Cheer team.

Mrs. Hall has been the coach for the Lionettes for 11 years now. Under her leadership the
Lionettes have been placed as one of the Top Five college dance teams in the nation for the past five years, something that she credits to the team’s spirit and dedication. Prior to becoming the official head coach of the Lionettes Mrs. Hall was also the Regional Director for the Universal Dance Association, a title that she still holds to this day.

She sends he Lionettes to UDA sponsored camps and has them compete in the UDA College National competition. The competition involves the team competing against other colleges from around the country in the Open Hip-Hop and Jazz divisions, which the Lionettes have recently placed 5th and 4th place respectively.

As the Administrative Assistant for the Spirit of the Southland Marching Ban, Mrs. Hall
has a final say so, so to speak, over all facets of the pregame and half-time entertainment of every home football game. While she cannot completely veto an idea from the band’s Director, Derek Stoughton, he tends to listen to her suggestions given her years of experience with the events. Another aspect of the game’s entertainment that Mrs. Hall oversees is the half-time show.
Many of the half-time shows that have been done over the years are just revisions of the same shows that were done before her time as the Spirit Coordinator, such as the Halloween half-time show.

Another region of Spirit that falls under Mrs. Hall is the Southeastern Cheer team. Unlike
with the Lionettes and the Spirit of the Southland Marching Band, Mrs. Hall’s role with the Cheer team is rather small. She currently presides over them as their sponsor. Due to her busy schedule she does not attend any of their practices since she has to manage the entire Spirit Program. To remedy this, she has hired an experienced coaching staff. The coaching staff currently consists of Catherine Messenger, a cheerleader that was on the team prior to her employment and also cheered for Louisiana State University, and David Mayeux, a former Regional Director for the Universal Cheerleading Association. Mrs. Hall manages all aspects of cheer however. From fundraising, to their travel budget, competitions, and even their tryouts.

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