The Effect of the Pandemic on Restaurant Employees

(MANDEVILLE, LA, March 30)- In response to the impact currently being felt by restaurant industries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a family-owned restaurant by the name of Bosco’s has changed in terms of delivery, dine-in and curbside pick-up.

Bosco’s Pizza employee, India Rogers, has experienced these work changes brought by the pandemic firsthand.

“Working in a restaurant during a pandemic is hectic to say the least,” Rogers said. “The way that we go about running our restaurant has completely changed.”

The mask mandate is the largest change, according to Rogers.

“Having to constantly wear masks does not allow us to share friendly smiles with our customers and staff which has been the oddest adjustment,” she said.

Delivery driver Don Gerchow had to change the way he delivers to his customers.

“Most of my customers prefer to pay ahead of time so that I can deliver contact-free,” Gerchow said. “Though since the pandemic, I have definitely benefited from the increase in deliveries.”

According to Rogers, Bosco’s has had more take-out orders than ever before.

“Early on, the pandemic resulted in us closing our dining room and converting to strictly takeout,” Rogers said. “Not being able to have tables was not ideal, but it helped ensure the safety of our staff and customers.”

Co-owner of Bosco’s Pizza Andre Morales made changes to ensure the safety of his staff and customers.

“I was unsure if the switch to strictly take out was the right one to make for our business,” Morales said. “Business actually benefitted from the large increase in takeout and delivery orders.”

According to Rogers, another big change that was implicated because of the pandemic was curbside pickup.

“We began offering curbside pickup for our customers who preferred to play it extra safe,” Rogers said. “Our older, at-risk customers especially found comfort in paying over the phone and having us deliver their orders to their vehicles by placing their food in their trunks.”

According to Rogers, customers tended to tip more during the beginning of the pandemic, and online orders also increased.

“At Bosco’s, we offer Waitr and Slice delivery services on top of our own driver,” Rogers said. “Waitr and Slice orders have shown a huge increase since the beginning of the pandemic.”

According to Rogers, the downside of Waitr orders is that she and her co-workers are unable to receive the tip from these orders because it goes to whomever the Waitr driver is.

Work duties also have changed. Workers must disinfect the countertop upon the departure of each customer to diminish the chance of spreading the virus.”

Co-owner of Bosco’s Andre Morales said that each Bosco’s employee has been made aware of a new cleaning schedule and is also required to disinfect the restrooms each hour of their shift.

“We also require each customer to enter with a mask,” Morales said. “We strongly enforce a ‘no mask, no entry’ guideline.”

Owners limit customers inside to five at a time.

Owner of Bosco’s Tony Bosco feels that his staff and customers have done an outstanding job at following the safety guidelines that they have set in place.

“Not a single one of my customers have given me a problem with wearing masks and my employees have done an excellent job at adjusting to these changes,” Bosco said.

According to Bosco, business has come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic.

Bosco’s Pizza now allows dine-in Monday through Thursday, but seating is limited.

Bosco’s Pizza is located at 2040 LA-59 in Mandeville, La. You can contact them by phone at (985) 778-2740.


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