The Benefits of BEA

Southeastern’s Broadcast Education Association, or better known as BEA, is an extraordinary organization that exposes students to the world of broadcast media. In BEA’s weekly meetings, members discuss various topics in broadcasting, bring in real-world guest speakers who share their real-world job experiences, and students come together to create videos to showcase their creative prowess. Students in this club can choose to join one of BEA’s subgroups: BEA News, BEA YouTube which has two subheadings (Creative or News), or the BEA Podcast.

BEA News gives students the opportunity to create a realistic newscast from scratch. Students are tasked with writing news stories, operating cameras, lights, and anchoring their broadcasts in a professional newsroom setting. This gives students invaluable hands-on broadcasting experience that can be nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

BEA YouTube members create short, comedic videos that are uploaded to YouTube weekly. Students interested in Creative BEA YouTube exercise their creative writing skills, learn to meet deadlines and learn to work under pressure. BEA Creative YouTube, also gives students the opportunity to take place in the creation of short films. Screenwriting, directing, lighting, camera operating, editing, and acting are all different roles that students in BEA Creative can partake in. BEA Creative aims to create high quality, cinematic short films while teaching members the basics of writing, filming, and editing.

BEA Podcasting is also an interesting favorite among many in the club. In Podcasting student are able to work with, create, and learn about all things radio. Whether it is how to work a switchboard or just being present on a show, such as guys being dudes, there’s always something to do.

While BEA News, YouTube, and Podcasting, each offer students valuable hands-on learning opportunities, all students (even those who choose not to join one of BEA’s subgroups) can reap immense benefits by joining the organization. One of the prominent benefits of being in Southeastern’s BEA is the connections and bonds that are created with other students in the communication major. BEA members get to meet weekly with like minded peers with similar hobbies and interests and can create mutually beneficial relationships to receive support and advice from other students.

These connections can also help students begin to network with industry professionals. Getting a head start on networking can allow students to get their foot in the door before even graduating from college. Students with this advantage are much more likely to land a job straight out of school than those without it.

Another major benefit of being in BEA is the knowledge gained from industry professionals. Multiple times a semester, BEA invites someone who has previously worked, or is currently working, in a communication profession to speak to the organization members. The speakers bring extremely valuable advice and experience that students can apply to their personal and professional projects. These industry professionals are also able to answer any questions that students may have regarding their career.

Southeastern’s BEA aims to prepare students for careers in various fields under the communication major; however, students from any major will benefit from joining the organization. One benefit that can be gained by all students who join is simply that BEA is tons of fun. Whether students are creating funny, entertaining videos together, talking with each other in the podcast, or just socializing at meetings, being a member of BEA is always a great time.

Any student that wants to gain an edge in the very competitive field of communication should absolutely join Southeastern’s Broadcast Education Association. BEA’s News, YouTube, and Podcasting groups each offer valuable hands on experience to all members. Joining BEA also opens the door to many networking opportunities that can help students land jobs right out of college. Most importantly, every meeting of the BEA is full of laughs, smiles, and good times.

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