The Advocate sees opportunity in New Orleans area

Baton Rouge, LA – Due to The Times-Picayune moving to a 3 day a week newspaper, Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate is moving into the New Orleans area.  The Advocate will give the New Orleans area a localized, 7 days a week newspaper and will begin delivering the New Orleans edition on Oct. 1.

Carl Redman, the executive editor of The Advocate said that the people of New Orleans want to have a daily newspaper.  Redman said that 2,000 people have already subscribed to the New Orleans edition of the paper.

“Our phone lines were tied up,” said Redman “After the announcement people were calling to subscribe to the newspaper.”

Redman said that they have a goal of distributing 10,000 newspapers a day in the New Orleans area. A goal that he believes is attainable.  This won’t be the first time The Advocate reached out to a different area.

“We sell around 8,000 newspapers a day in the Acadiana area.” said Redman. “The New Orleans area has a larger population so 10,000 is a realistic number”.

There were 8 vendors of The Advocate in the New Orleans area before the announcement. These locations sold 400 newspapers a day. The paper will now be distributed at 400 locations in 35 zip codes in the area. Redman said The Advocate is focusing on major areas The Times-Picayune is distributed and will expand the distribution area with increased demand.

The Advocate is currently staffing its New Orleans Bureau. There are 8 staff members in the bureau thus far and each of them are former employees of The Times-Picayune. As the paper grows in distribution the bureau will increase its staff.

The Advocate began distributing free copies of the newspaper in New Orleans on Monday and will continue to do so until it begins home delivery and sales on Oct. 1.

While The Advocate has its eyes on the New Orleans area, NOLA Media Group has its eyes on the Baton Rouge area. Nola Media Group is the parent company of The Times-Picayune and  NOLA announced Thursday that it is opening a bureau in Baton Rouge. There will be a Baton Rouge version of and a Baton Rouge edition of The Times-Picayune by the end of the year.




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