The 13th Gate Haunts Baton Rouge

The 2015 haunt season is in full swing at The 13th Gate haunted house in Baton Rouge. Said to be one of “America’s scariest haunted houses” by The Travel Channel, The 13th Gate is one of Baton Rouge’s biggest attractions during this time of year.

The 13th Gate changes in some way every year. This year they have added a replica of the cabin from The Evil Dead, and a live action escape experience. For these reasons, the anticipation for it’s opening is built all year round by those who frequent it.

“This year The Gate has added a few new scenes, and it’s really exciting.” said Hammond resident Miranda Miller. “They always have nods to classic horror  that any horror film junkie like me really appreciates.”

Not only those who casually enjoy The 13th Gate as a guest find the house to be well done. People who earn their living in the realm of horror give their praises to “The Gate.”

“The 13th Gate is super brutal.” said Dara Calmes, a freelance writer for Dirge Magazine. “It’s a horror junkie’s dream. It’s taxing on all of your senses, including scent. It’s awesome and terrifying in the best way possible. It lasts just the right amount of time to mess you up.”

A major thing that contributes to the success of The 13th Gate is the meticulous planning and management that takes place all year round.

“These people are absolute professionals with a distinct vision, fantastic management, and very clear directives on what they expect from their actors.” said Jameson Arthur. Arthur  is a first time cast member at the haunted house.

Arthur also said that the camaraderie between the actors and the rest of the staff makes working at The 13th Gate a special experience.

“Overall, I love the 13th Gate. These are extraordinarily talented makeup artists and performers that are dedicated to putting on a great show. They refer to each other as “family” and like to do things together outside of work.”

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