Taking an extra lap to the finish line

The Commencement Ceremony is in reach for graduating senior, Maya Holland. This past Friday, December 4, Holland completed her presentation of her Senior Thesis as her final step to complete an undergraduate degree in Communication.

Holland did not start out at Southeastern and her journey to graduation was longer than anticipated.

Maya's father pinning her after her presentation of her thesis.

Maya’s father pinning her after her presentation of her thesis.

She started college at Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) and transferred to Southeastern in the fall of 2013. Holland looked into both Southeastern and LSU, but chose Southeastern because of the Communication program.

The last task graduating seniors must complete to get a degree in Communication is to take Communication 498. This course requires a senior thesis to be written about a topic the student is interested in.

Holland prepared for her thesis by talking to one of the Comm 498 instructor Dr. Procopio, about her ideas and thoughts of what she wanted to do.

“I also kept a notebook with my ideas and possible research questions that would be helpful when writing my paper so everything was in one place,” said Holland.

The project took the whole semester and Holland prepared by reading and analyzing articles related to her topic of online relationships.

Holland said, “If I can offer any advice, it is to start early with your topic. The earlier you have your topic, the earlier you can discuss it with your professor. The longest part of the writing process is the literature review; that is going to kill your soul.”

After the thesis is written, seniors are required to defend the papers to another faculty member in the department. The thesis is condensed down into a 10 minute speech.

“At first, I was worried about narrowing down my paper into a speech, but I found it to be pretty easy. You just take the most important parts which is your theory, research and results and talk about it,” said Holland.

Holland expressed how she feels prepared for the “real world” now after going through her undergraduate courses. She has found a love for web design after taking Dr. Joe Burn’s HTML web design class.

“If I can offer any advice for future 498 students, it is to take it one day at a time and stay organized. Plan head and enjoy your last semester,” said Holland.

Saturday December 12, Holland will walk across the stage and will officially be an alumnus of Southeastern Louisiana University.

Holland expressed her emotions and said, “It is sad, but exciting. You are on a set plan for school for so long and then you are finished and it’s like ‘What do I even do with my free time?’ but I know my life is just starting and there are a lot of open doors and experiences that are waiting to be taken.”

Don’t worry; Holland may be back in action for graduate school in the future!


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