Possible Theater Degree For Southeastern

To be, or not to be, that is the question that Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts is currently asking itself.  The question pertains to whether or not Southeastern will one day be able to offer its students a degree in theatre. Jim Winter, an associate professor of acting and directing, said,
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Dance Production “Untitled” Challenges Viewers

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 13 members from Southeastern’s Dance Performance Project Company debuted the production of interpretive dance performance “Untitled” in the Vonnie Borden Theatre located in D Vickers Hall. The production’s title lacks specificity so that the audience is free from a bounded interpretation of the artistic performance. “This specific show challenges the audience in a
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“Why Are You Nowhere?” steps on the Vonnie Borden Theatre stage

Southeastern’s Theatre Program is showing “Why Are You Nowhere?”, written by Ethan Warren, on Feb. 14 – 17 at the Vonnie Borden Theatre. Chad Winters is directing the upcoming play. “Directing a play is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of obstacles along the way. It’s a collaborative art and we all
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“Distracted” holds first tech rehearsal

Southeastern theater department’s fall production, “Distracted,” held its first tech rehearsal Wednesday night. The play, written by Lisa Loomer, revolves around two parents’ deciding whether or not to medicate their child for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The family experiences many trials and tribulations in order to make their decision. James Winter, associate professor of acting
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A look at No Exit

Southeastern Theatre  hosted the play No Exit last week. This show is a part of this season’s Fanfare which is the university’s festival for the arts. The reactions from the audience members seemed to enjoy the production based on their reactions during the performance. The play centered around three deceased people in the 60s. The entire play
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Murderous Innocent Audition

Southeastern theatre Fall auditions

  Due to the Tropical Storm Isaac, Southeastern fall auditions for “Murderous Innocent” and “The Bacchae” were postponed to Sept. 4 at 4 p.m. in the Vonnie Borden Theatre. There were almost 60 students coming to The Vonnie Borden Theatre to participate in the fall auditions. Some students participated in both auditions of “Murderous Innocent”
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