The Manchac Review Stimulates SLU Creativity

Stage fright dissipates and imaginative juices flow during the spoken word gatherings that take place at the Writing Center in D. Vickers Hall. In room 210, students from different areas of study come together to recite, perform and showcase original creations before fellow poets, short story writers, artists and photographers. The opportunity to unleash imagination
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Student’s songs increase sales at Pride Cafe

Pride Café Unplugged To help increase revenue at Pride Café, students, faculty and alumni can now give performances in the Pennington Activity Center on Tuesday nights during a two hour entertainment session called Pride Café Unplugged. De’Anne Mckell, General Manager of Pride Café, said that it is available to all students willing to perform, regardless
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Southeastern English instructor, poet reflects on Louisiana culture

Alison Pelegrin shared poems and stories rooted in Louisiana culture March 21 as part of the 12th-annual Women’s History Month lecture series.

The series, sponsored by Southeastern’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, invites faculty and guest lecturers to share their thoughts on personal interests and studies on the theme, “Our History Is Our Strength.”

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