Students vote to increase self-assessed fees

Last week, Southeastern students voted for the approval of a referendum, which concerned self-assessed fee adjustments and increase.  This referendum raised the student fees by a total of $75.25. The largest fee adjustment is a $50 increase for Lions Athletics.   The second largest fee adjustment is for Student Recreational Operations, which is a $15 increase. 
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Campus Life provides convience with restrictions

Over 2,300 students were enrolled in Southeastern housing at the beginning of the school year, according to K. D. Linkous, who was the Housing director in Fall of 2010.  Resident assistants and campus residents share their experiences from on-campus living.

“Living on campus has its benefits, certainly, because I don’t have to worry about traffic every day. I can leave out of my dorm much sooner than a person who lives off campus,” says campus resident Charles Bruns, “Also because you’re living on campus, you are r […]

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Pineview Middle School offers help to education majors

Photo by Melissa Bordelon [COVINGTON]— Pine View Middle School in Covington holds an after-school program to help college students obtain field experience hours. Roy Heidelburg, the head of 21st Century, organizes small lessons and homework opportunities for Pine View Middle School students after regular school hours in order to help Southeastern students and provide additional
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