Vendors at Grad Fair

With Graduation just around the corner,  Southeastern held it’s annual Grad Fair on Wednesday and Thursday, March 8 and 9.

Grad Fair is the most rewarding event for graduating seniors. It is where graduating seniors get a chance to order their official ring, pick up their cap and gown, take a cap and gown photo for the yearbook, and order invitations.

Vendors were set up inside the alumni center offering information about Grad School and  Life Insurance through Liberty Mutual just to name a few.

The layout was well orchestrated with just enough space to accommodate every vendor. The flow of traffic was rather smooth. To walk through the entire fair, stop by each vendor and then take cap and gown pictures was a 45 minute max time frame.
The representatives along with the graduate assistants were very helpful and encouraging as the whole interaction of the event was pleasant.

To get more student involvement, raffles were taking place give students the opportunity to win gift cards to Best Buy, the campus book store, and even Starbucks.

The raffles were a great way to get students to stop by vendors when they may have overlooked them if it hadn’t been for the opportunity to win something.

“Even though grad school may not be a thought for some, it became a sudden desire for me to enroll after speaking to the graduate student in the MBA program,” said graduating senior Sharde Smith.
“We are here to help you in any way possible in order to facilitate a smooth transition from your undergraduate program to graduate school,” stated Graduate Assistant Brandon St. Pierre.
” It was great meeting you at the Southeastern Grad Fair this week! Below are a few different options for life insurance,” said Insurance Sales Representative Jennifer Jarreau.

The impact that Grad Fair left makes being a Lion a proud feeling!

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Southeastern Graduates Go Green

Southeastern graduating seniors have now, hopefully, ordered invitations, purchased class rings and hung up their robes. Green robes. Undergraduates will be flaunting the iconic Southeastern green robes and graduate students the regal black robes. The change in robe color is about a year in the making and creates a distinction between undergraduate and graduate students. Senior
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Students Prepare for Their Final Days at Southeastern

Southeastern’s Gamma Phi Beta hosted Grad Fair on Wednesday and Thursday to give graduating seniors the opportunity to prepare for their big day on May 13. Students who attended Grad Fair were able to take their cap and gown portraits, purchase their commencement attire and order announcements to send out to family members. Students also
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