Sunny Ice Skating on SLU Campus!

Students ice-skating on a sunny day.

When thinking of Louisiana springtime activities, some normal suspects include swimming, biking, and crawfish boils. But for Southeastern Louisiana University, a less conventional activity was in store for the end of January.

On the 31, Southeastern students were surprised with an unusual event outside the student union, a pop-up ice-skating rink in the middle of campus. Despite the 70-degree weather and sunny skies, students enjoyed a breezy skate on a curated rink from 1-5p.m.


Southeastern students race across the “icy” surface outside of the War Memorial Student Union.

A company from Boston, Mass. called Artificial Ice Events curated the rink on campus by laying polyethylene boards down and glossing the surface with propylene- glycol to create the illusion of a slippery ice-skating rink.

Students interested in skating signed their names and were given skates to put on before entering the slippery platform. It was a funny sight on SLU’s campus on Tuesday to see students dressed in summer clothes with ice-skates as shoes.

The event was put on by the SLU Campus Activities Board as an interaction for students to partake in for stress release and fun. The CAB hosts a variety of free events throughout the semester to help students relax amidst their busy academic schedules. Although the SLU CAB has many activities in store for the spring semester, ice-skating outside in Hammond, La. on a sunny day is sure to be the most peculiar event.

Check out the SLU CAB 2017 Spring Calendar for upcoming events and make sure you are part of the fun!

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