Study abroad students have a Midsummer Night’s Dream

           [LONDON] – Southeastern study abroad students attended a performance of Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Globe Theatre on Friday, July 15.

First introduced in 1605 by William Shakespeare, the comedy about love and its twists and turns is currently playing at the Globe until Sept. 11. The rich history of the Globe’s interiors paired well with the cast member’s talents, entertaining both theatre and communication students.

Shakespeare might be a household name, but Nicholas Harrison, a communication major at Southeastern, won’t soon forget his experience.

“Since this was my first time seeing a production here, I really didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I walked in I was amazed at the open design,” said Harrison. “Also, the fact that we were literally touching the stage was really cool.”

Soon enough, he became hooked. 

The interiors of the Globe Theatre moments before showtime.

The interiors of the Globe Theatre moments before showtime.

“What first got me hooked was the talent of all the actors, specifically Puck (Katy Owen) and Bottom (Ewan Wardrop). I have total respect for them and the other cast members and crew. I truly stayed engaged the entire three hours. The modern changes were unexpected too, even though it still felt like I was at a Shakespearian play,” Harrison said.

This play and other works of Shakespeare are nothing new for the theatre majors on this trip. For Sarah Balli, a theatre major at Southeastern, she found the energy and interactive touches to be the surprising element in Friday afternoon’s performance.

“I’ve known about Shakespeare all my life, but the energy from this play was literally life-changing,” said Balli. “It left me with new inspiration for costumes, directing and acting. To feel like you were a part of a performance is rare, and I felt it the entire time the cast was on the stage.”

On the other hand, to veterans of the Globe, this performance exceeded all expectations in more ways than one.

“I was in awe the entire time. Immediately after the performance, I wanted to see more shows. I went to the Actor’s Church and bought tickets to see another play,” said Elizabeth Odom, a theatre major at Southeastern.

Odom has attended multiple performances at the Globe and has several more visits planned in the coming weeks.

What kept her spirit alive for a second year on the study abroad trip is the “hard work and dedication from every member of the Globe team,” she said.

Balli agreed with Odom. “This is only the first play on our list for the trip, and if it is anything like this one, I may have to consider coming back again next year like Elizabeth did,” said Balli. “I’m stoked for what’s to come.”

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