Students welcome fall break

Hammond- Fall break is finally here and most students on campus are more than ready for a break. Southeastern students have off Thursday and Friday classes during a week in the fall, usually the first week in October. The timing and length of the break is something that most students have an opinion on.

Ever since Southeastern Louisiana University switched from a five day week to a four and a half day week, fall break only gives students off one full day of class. Of course that’s assuming they have classes on Thursdays, students who have all their classes on Mondays and Wednesdays don’t get an extra day off from class at all.

Will Theall, a senior accounting major, has all of his classes on Monday and Wednesday. “I think it would be more fair if students got off Wednesday as well, because as it is Monday Wednesday people don’t get an extra day of class off” Will said. “It would make more sense if we got off both Wednesday and Thursday.”

Fall break arrives right before most classes have midterm exams, which some students think is a good thing. Dominic Jude Abrams, a senior English major, likes the timing of fall break. “I think it’s a good time to have fall break right now, it gives students a chance to study hard and fully prepare for midterms next week. And right after midterms is the drop week, so it’s a really important time for students to be prepared for class” Dominic said.

However, not all students like having the break right before midterms. Megan Ourso, a sophomore English major, holds such an opinion. “I don’t like the timing of fall break because it comes right before midterms, it’s not going to be a break for me it’s just going to be study time” Megan said. “I think it would be more of a break if came be after midterms so that way people could enjoy the break, without having to stress and study for midterm exams.”

The location of the break on the calendar is something that every student seems to have an opinion on. Scott Doescher, a junior accounting major, would move the break to a different month entirely. “I’m not going to complain about a day off from classes, but I would rather have off longer for Thanksgiving than have a fall break at all” Scott said.

If he had his way, Doescher says he would combine fall break with Thanksgiving break, so that way students would have an entire week off. “I think it would be better to have that whole week off rather than having one day off for fall break” Doescher said.

Whether or not the break is one day or two, students are just glad to have a break. Doescher says, “At the end of the day, a day off of class is a day off of class, so you’re not going to hear me complaining.”

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